About Us

We are a small home based business based in Bristol, we specialize in helping other businesses grow through advertising, be it generating leads through telesales or online.  We can also help you in getting yourself noticed online.

Life Without Worries it brought to you by Robert Gould and Megan Davies, we have both been in the customer service industry for the last 10 years working in retail, hospitality and advertising sectors.  We decided to start our own business in 2016 after opening our eyes to see that what we were doing was possible to do on our own from our own office.

Robert has been a store manager in a very busy fast paced sales environment for the past 5 years and managed to bring 2 failing stores back up to where they were expected and exceeded his superiors expectations,  Robert has also worked in fast paced call centers and has been internet orientated since a very young age.

Megan has worked in various hotels, pubs, shops and call centers for the last 10 years and has had a lot of interaction with the general public and finds it very easy to establish a quick relationship with people and able to close sales/appointments with ease.

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