About Me

Hi, my names Rob and im 27 and live on the outskirts of Bristol, i have a amazing partner in my life and we have 2 amazing boys aged 4 and 6 which certainly keeps me on my toes.  Since i left school and have been in retail work working in stores and out on the roaOptimized-Screenshot_2015-08-05-21-19-02d sometimes in very hard sales environments.   I love sales and i love meeting people but  i got to the stage where i was thinking to myself, im doing all this hard work earning a reasonable income but i was also making the person above me a lot more money than i was making.

So i thought to myself one day, why am i doing this why am i going out to work to make someone else rich, it was time for a change, and this is where i decided to become a internet entrepreneur it was time to take charge of my life and think about my future.

I have a very close friend that had been working on the internet for a while so decided it was time to sit down with him and find out what he was doing, so we meet up one day and within 10 minutes i was so excited about what i could achieve and how easy it was to do.

Even though above i said that i have become a internet entrepreneur, that doesn’t mean i spend all day everyday sat on a laptop working, that couldn’t be anymore from the truth, since starting this i have made some amazing new friends and my social life is now completely different and i enjoy meeting new people all the time that are also making a great success out of the internet and all the different opportunity’s that are available.